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Ok I think I'll liven this com up a tiny bit.

Alright I have written something intended for a very nice rp profile sample..  but I can't seem to get accepted in rp coms.

So I've turned this sample more into a fiction of sorts to make up for this failure.

Title: untitled
Rating: R for violence, and gore.
Characters: Envy naturally.
Warnings: blood, blood, and more blood.
Summary: Glancing down from the rooftop.

Now please enjoy my portrayale of Envy. a very insane one.

Glancing down the edge of the rooftop Envy stands at it’s edge blood-stained dagger in his right hand, a heart in his left freshly gouged out of the chest of a victim who had crossed paths with him. He lifts his left hand over the edge of the rooftop and drops the organ letting it fall from the two story building landing with a wet smack against the pavement below.

The sin grins sadistically as he raises the dagger to his face. Turning the blade to the side, letting the crimson liquid roll down to the hilt. With a flick of his wrist he sends the dagger sailing off the rooftop and into the back of another human. A howl of laughter falls from the rooftop dissipating in the air, as he jumps down to retrieve the lethal blade.


Pulling the dagger from the spine of the newest victim, he grimaces at the stubborn blade. Putting a foot on the corpse he yanks harder ripping flesh, and tearing the blade from the spine. He turns the body over with a kick from his foot grinning down at the fear stricken face below him.


“ Well, well.. what have we here?” He asks mockingly tracing the edge of the blade along the listless man’s neck coming close to the jugular. All the human can do is plead with his eyes begging the sin not to kill him.  For the sin had severed his spinal cord leaving him helpless and incapable of moving even if he wanted to.


Envy thinks about it for a brief minute before plunging the dagger through the fifth and sixth rib killing the man instantly. Carving out the heart he makes a face as it looks like it is covered in a black tar-like susbtance.  The man was a smoker so it showed well on the heart.


“Aww you should have known that smoking can cause a bad heart-attack.. well you don’t have to worry about that now.” The sin says walking away, letting the organ slip from his hands. Down an embankment leaving behind the gory mess.

Laughter fills the alleyway from corner to corner. crack to crack never once stopping.  Howls to hoots reaching the abandoned church on the edge of Central. The once proud building that warded sin off is betrayed by it's doors as it allows the very thing it should repell in.  Not even a church is safe from a sin.


How was that ne? I must flee for classes now bais.
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