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13 blood

This was written for a writer comm... So I am sharing it with everyone who has a displeasement for Edvy. I don't normally write death fics but this is a nice break from writing this pairing so much. 

This was part of


Title: 13 Blood
Pairing/Characters: Envy / Edward
Theme Set and #: Earth Theme. 13 Blood
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own fullmetal alchemist or any of it's characters I do however own this story you steal you pay for it with your name slandered permamently in a hall of sh
Summary: It was always dark and slick, no matter where it came from
Extra Warning: This is a Death fic.

It was always dark and slick, no matter where it came from it flowed freely from the freshly made cadaver of an unfortunate victim. This was the only thing that fascinated him about humans that was the many ways to kill them. To see the crimson flow from every orifice; one he had yet to see it pour from is that bastard’s son he lives for the day when he can finally spill that blood.


That day came at the end of a climatic fight one that ended flawlessly and deathly beautiful. The pure shock on the golden eyed boys face was priceless. The runt finally knew “whom” he was fighting. Edward froze up instantly at the image Envy used a younger version of their worthless father.


 Patience wore out its welcome when Edward began to speak. The blonde only got out a “you’re his son.” Before a spear-like arm plunged itself through his chest. The action was too quick for anyone to realize what had happened. The sin pushed the dying corpse off before the flow of blood came from Edward’s mouth.


Withdrawing his arm; from the nicely created cavity in the blonde’s chest adrenaline finally calming down blood freezing in Envy’s blood. Realization finally kicked in he had finally done it he had killed Edward mentally and physically.


Howls of hysterical laughter; echoes throughout the air filling it with his sadistic cackles. The air getting louder and more intense by the second, the laughter intensifies when Rose came to from Dante’s spell and her scream of terror sounds out in the auditorium.


If Envy hadn’t been busy in the throes of hysteric laughter he would be shoving her face down in the blood that has stained the once beautiful hardwood mirror polished floor. Now if only their father had seen this it would have added onto the irony of their father’s most precious son killed by the son Hohenheim had abandoned and dodged for 400 long years.


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