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Why I Love Envy

 Envy is without a doubt, my favorite FMA character and one of my favorite anime characters of all time. Why? Why would I like someone who is a complete psychopath? Why would I adore someone who is a sadistic sociopath with no conscience? Why would I enjoy watching a person with no soul?


1. If nothing terrible happened in an anime, it wouldn't be worth watching.

Like in the real world, not everything in animated programs is rainbows and roses. We need to have someone who can make it more interesting. Whether we love that person for their dastardly deeds or hate them, that's our opinion. But, we can't deny how much more juicy it makes the television. Yes, it's nice for some people to watch dunderheads for villians, such as Team Rocket (excellant comic-relief, but not very good at being "evil"), but I want something more.

2. How many people do you know who've killed a main character!?

Seriously, it's like one of the unwritten rules of anime is you can't kill a main character. Everyone who dies must be a minor character or some random oneshot character or extra that doesn't even have a name. How many villians have been able to murder someone who is actually important? Ed is probably the most important Full Metal Alchemist character; if it wasn't for his sin, the whole series would have never happened. Yet, he manages to be taken advantage of for just the right enough time to get a bowling ball sized hole in his chest... for at least an episode.

3.  He has a reason.

He's not one of those characters that just make people's lives miserable because they have nothing better to do, although I wouldn't put it past him. He is a sadist. His actions are motivated out of (what else?) envy. Who in their lives has never been jealous? Who has never wanted someone they knew they couldn't have and it just tore them up inside? Although Envy's envy is probably the kind you'd find of someone in a mental institution, it makes very intriguing programming.

4. He's not the typical who reforms so easily.

Some villians change their ways so easily, you wonder how they stayed evil in the first place. Through 51 episodes, OVA's and a movie, he never shows any signs of swaying sides. He's rotton the whole way through and I love it. Have you ever felt betrayed by someone changing sides? I would have been disappointed to see such a deliciously awful (yet great) character have a change of heart.

5. His hair.

Yes, this reason is a bit shallow. But, have you ever seen someone with such awesome hair? All hail the mighty palm-tree.

6. He's simply awesome.

I love villians. I cheered when Thief King Bakura knocked Yami Yugi off that cliff in Yu-Gi-Oh. I loved watching Sae Kashiwagi's weave her web of lies and deception in Peach Girl. Even at the age of 6-7, I couldn't hate the Digmon, Pokemon or Sailor Moon baddies from childhood. Something about them has always intrigued me. I have never hated them. I have disliked them and they have gone years without being my favorite characters, but I have grown to adore them. Envy is an awesome villian; sadistic, sarcastic, cold-hearted. And, have you seen his manga self? He's also quite funny.

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